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Changing your from address

November 30th, 2010

The from is complicated by legal matters, which prevent us from using whatever from we like, which also prevents us from allowing you to set whatever from you would like.

As such, it cannot ever be set to a mobile number, but it can be set to a string (8 characters or less), but only if we receive a headed signed fax from the group wishing to use the new from address, giving us permission to use the name when we send an SMS.

This from ID is then associated with a particular account, and when a message is sent using that login, the message will use the new from string.

If you have any questions please contact us, or comment below.

SMS Gateway Developer


Common API Responses

April 27th, 2009

Please find below a list of the most common API error responses, and possible reasons and corrections for them.

A response is defined as an error when the code is not 1, as result code 1 denotes an SMS succesfully delivered to the numbers network.

Message: Missing Required Fields Code: 501

Notes: This message means that the gateway did not receive enough information for an attempted delivery to be possible, this will occur when any of username, password, to and message are not supplied, if these are all sent, check that they are being sent as lowercase fields.

Message: Invalid Authentication Data Code: 502

Notes: This message means that either your submitted username was not found in the accounts, or the password supplied did not match the password for the username you sent. This would generally caused by invalid details, but these fields are case-sensitive, so check you sent them in the correct case.

Message: Insufficient Balance Code: 503

Notes: This message will only occur after you are succesfully logged into your account, and means that you do not have sufficient credits to send an SMS, this can only be corrected by topping up your credits balance.

Message: Invalid Recipient Code: 504

Notes: This error means that a problem was detected with the recipient number, most commonly caused by non-numeric characters in the to value.

Message: Error retrieving From Value Code: 511

Notes: This is an issue with the API, if this error is encountered an admin should be notified, along with the result ID.

There are other error messages that can be encountered, but it is unlikely that these will ever happen, if you do get an error that isn’t documented, and you are not sure what it means, please contact us, and we will help you understand the message.

As usual, you can contact us by commenting on these posts, in our forum, or by email to

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