Texting Description

Text messaging or texting refers to the exchange of brief written messages between fixed-line phone or mobile phone and fixed or portable devices over a network. While the original term was derived from referring to messages sent using the Short Message Service (SMS) originated from Radio Telegraphy, it has since been extended to include messages containing image, video, and sound content (known as MMS messages). The sender of a text message is known as a texter, while the service itself has different colloquialisms depending on the region: it may simply be referred to as a text, texting or a texto in North America and Australia, text in the United Kingdom, an SMS in most of Europe, and a TMS or SMS in the Middle East and Asia.

Send Texts Online

Text Messages are frequently used online to send automated notifications to a specific list of recipients. This system can be applied as a solution to many situations, such as generating new sales from texting interested customers, notifying existing customers about upcoming renewals and invoices, informing techinicians of failing systems and many other texting uses.

Use the API

Using the textmessage.ie API sending automated text messages online is as simple as it can be, for example, here is a form that could send a textmessage through a texting form online.

Send to client database

The API is also perfect for using with a customer relations management (CRM) system, which could be fitted to a simple script which would send a customised text message to each of your clients texting them about important news or special offers which apply to them.

Texting Conclusion

As you can see texting is an ideal solution for many situations and using the textmessage.ie gateway is a great way to get started, if you have any further questions regarding texting, please contact us immediately!